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Less hair, what should we do? Hair Extension come to help!

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What should we do if have less hair? A lot of people do not pay attention to care the hair in the usual life, then leads to the lack of hair, hair loss and other phenomena, which seriously affect our image. So how to avoid less hair has become everyone's concern. 

What is the reason for less hair?

It related with nutrition, and stress or sudden mental stimulation. We can check blood trace elements, and do not often in a nervous state. We can rub ginger on where the hair loss, it can promote hair growth. Meantime, comprehensive diet is important, appropriate to eat more shell kind of food, appropriate to eat more black sesame.

1, Less smoking and drinking

Smoking is the accomplice of hair loss! Long-term smoking and over-smoking causes the small blood vessels of the scalp excess connections blocked, resulting in the successful delivery of nutrients and oxygen can not follicle, and affecting hair growth. In addition, less alcohol is also necessary measures. Drinking adequate for lifting the pressure is very effective. However, excessive alcohol consumption, will increase the burden on the body's internal organs, especially the large amount of alcohol can lead to gastrointestinal diseases, affect the absorption of protein, vitamins and minerals, which affect hair growth too.

2, Don't surf the Internet whole day and night

In a study of the American Health Association found: long surfing and playing in the crowd, there are 85.3% of people with varying degrees of hair loss. The reason is that long-term use of computers, concentration, over time cause sustained increases in the excitability of the brain, hair growth disorder associated with endocrine function, sebaceous glands, hair follicles can easily blocked, so that the hair nutrition support obstacles, leading to hair fragility easily happen broken hair, hair loss. People stay up all night because of the biological clock disorders, nervous system and cause unbearable stomach and cause serious kidney, leading to hair loss.

3, Avoid frequent dye

To solve the problem of hair less, we must contain frequent perming and coloring of bad habits. Dyeing will make major changes in the structure of the hair, perm technology now generally required to deal with hair assisted chemical medicine, and some substances contained in these hot hair dye, can easily damage the hair grease, causing the hair dry, easy off, lose their luster.

4, Use hair extensions to make up if the less hair is inborn

Using hair extension will not hurt yourself hair but it will do a remedy to your less hair with no damage. It can satisfy those who want short hair longer,less hair thicker and long hair colored to reach part dyeing effect without baking oil. Do anything you like create your favorite hairstyle, you can also free to make them recovery by yourself. No more troubles about less hair, making yourself standout. Hair Extensions will help you a lot! Don't want to miss it, click to check more!


(1) Adequate sleep can promote normal metabolism of skin and hair , and the major metabolism is in the evening, between 22:00 to 2:00. Sleep enough during this period, you can make hair normal metabolism. Conversely, metabolism and nutrition of hair out of balance will alopecia.

(2) To eat grains, fruits year round. Reducing intake of vegetables can lead to constipation and "dirty blood", affecting the quality of hair. Hemorrhoids will accelerate hair loss on top of head. Less hair, we should be added iron. People who is hair loss often must has iron deficiency. Iron-rich foods are beans, black beans, eggs, octopus, shrimp, cooked peanuts, spinach, carp, bananas, carrots, potatoes and so on. Add vegetable protein, the body lacks protein will dry hair easily, and cause hair split, you can eat soy, black sesame, corn and other food.